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Services for Job Seekers

Preparing for the Workforce

Checklist for Young People who are New to the Job Market

Have realistic expectations. Entry-level jobs are rarely glamorous, exciting or fulfilling, but every job gives you an opportunity to improve skills you already have, learn new skills, and build a solid work history that will make the next job easier to get.

If you are looking for a summer job … START EARLY!  Many of the best summer jobs are already “spoken for” by late winter. Start thinking “summer job” no later than January. Do research on job sites, be alert to news of job fairs, and tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a job. View summer job resources.

Concentrate on developing your basic skills in reading, writing, math, and computing.  These skills will be essential for ANY job. Visit these links to learn about available assistance.

Concentrate on developing your basic skills in reading, writing, math, and computing.  These skills will be essential for ANY job. Learn more about available assistance.

Get your driver’s license as soon as you are eligible, even if you don’t have a car.  Some jobs require employees—especially those over 18—to have drivers’ licenses.

Develop your first resume.  Many jobs teens apply for will not require them to turn in a resume, but more and more jobs are being posted on internet sites that require you to include a resume as part of the hiring process … even for entry-level jobs.  You can get help with building a resume.

Learn the basics of filling out an application. Click here to get tips about Applying for Jobs.

Keep a written log of your job hunt – Download this Job Search Record form; collect business cards from potential employers and others who can help your job search.

Set a goal for the number of applications you will do each week.   Having a goal will help you mark your progress.

Learn about appropriate business dress.  Put together at least one outfit for visiting potential employers and doing interviews. (Remember: You want to make a good impression every time you see a possible employer!) In most cases, both men and women can get by with:

  • Pair of khaki slacks
  • Polo shirt
  • Black shoes
  • Dark socks or hosiery
  • Belt

Think about other aspects of your personal appearance. 

  • Remove piercing jewelry that shows, especially on the face.
  • No more than one set of earrings for women ~ no earrings for men
  • Don’t get tattoos that can’t be covered by clothing. 

More Services for Young Job Seekers

Check out the following services designed specifically for young people who are looking for work.

Student Jobs
A one-stop portal for a range of federal job opportunities and internships for students.

Job Corps
Free education and training program for eligible young adults age 16 and older.

Peace Corps for Teens
Volunteer and learn valuable leadership and work skills.

Find hourly employment openings in your zip code.

College Grad
Jobs search and tips focusing on recent college graduates.

Hospitality Industry Jobs
Search for jobs in the hospitality and restaurant industry.

Search hundreds of job boards for jobs in the Louisville area.

Job Search Tips
Find lots of job search tips to help you land a job.

Green Career Guide
Learn all about the future of green jobs and how to prepare for them.

A Guide to Green Careers
Learn about careers and degree programs that can prepare you for a job in the green sector.

To find a variety of other helpful services for people who are job hunting, click on the Job Seekers and Laid-Off Workers page.

Job Seekers/Laid-Off Workers

Find that great career you really want and the education to get you there. Get started.


Find specialized services to help with education and job search, including summer employment. Get Started.


Find help with matching your needs with worker skills, customized training and labor market information. Get Started.