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Keep My Home

Unfortunately, home foreclosure is a continuing problem in communities across the nation and in the Greater Louisville region. Below are resources that may help you keep your home.

Louisville Metro Government
Louisville Metro Government has partnered with Metro United Way, Kentucky Housing Corporation, Louisville Urban League and Housing Partnership Inc. to connect you with resources, information and assistance to help prevent financial problems and foreclosure.

Don't wait until it's too late – call your lender or call Metro United Way's 211 helpline. This is the most important step to take if you're having financial difficulty. Most homeowners facing foreclosure have not reached out to find information and options available to them. Metro United Way's 211 helpline can connect you with home ownership counselors who can explain options that may be available to help you keep your home and protect your credit.

Louisville Urban League
The Louisville Urban League's Foreclosure Counseling services offer hope to homeowners who are delinquent in their mortgage obligations.

Kentucky Ownership Protection Center
The Kentucky Homeownership Protection Center provides a centralized location for information on public services to assist Kentuckians in keeping their homes. Homeowners can find information on the foreclosure process, utility assistance and home repair assistance to make smart choices and avoid losing their homes.

If you are currently delinquent on your home loan, in danger of becoming delinquent or are just starting to have financial problems that may affect your ability to pay your mortgage, do not risk losing your home. Options are available.

For more information about your options, visit www.kyhousing.org/protect or call toll free (866) 830-7868.

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