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SummerWorks Program

Mayor’s SummerWorks Program

In 2011, Mayor Greg Fischer initiated the Mayor’s SummerWorks Program as a workforce bridge to the future – a tool to prepare our youth for the world of work and a way for companies to invest in their own and Louisville’s future by mentoring kids who have not grown up with a socio-economic advantage. There is no replacement for the experience of a seven-week SummerWorks job. As the youth work alongside adult role models and mentors, they develop work skills and realize a connection between success in school and success in the workforce.

As an employer, you can contribute immediately in very important ways:

  • Through the Mayor’s SummerWorks program, hire a young person for a summer job. The SummerWorks team at KentuckianaWorks will consult with you about your company’s needs. The team then matches you with a young person who has asked for help with finding a job.
  • Write a check to support the program. For every $2,500 in support, a disadvantaged young person is moved into the world of work – for years to come! The SummerWorks team will place the youth in a job with a Louisville non-profit, community-based organization or with city government. Your donations also support efforts to ensure that low-income youth have basic workforce skills and job coaching through their summer employment to create a rich workforce experience for both the young person and the employer. In the first three years of the program, we have learned that if we properly prepare low-income youth, they can compete for jobs just like everyone else … and once they get hired, they are successful.

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