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File a WARN Notice for Employee Layoffs

Some companies and organizations are required by the federal government to file a WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) notice for certain employee layoffs. For more information about WARN notice requirements, click on the link below.

Employer's Guide to Advance Closings and Layoffs (PDF)

To speak to someone in person about WARN notices in the KentuckianaWorks region, contact:

Kelley Ott, kelley.ott@KentuckianaWorks.org
Kentucky Career Center
Office Phone: (502) 595-1016
Office Fax: (502) 595-4623

The statewide WARN contact is:

Michelle DeJohn, Michelle.DeJohn@ky.gov
Kentucky Office of Employment & Training
Office: (502) 564-7456 
Direct Line: (502) 782-3252

Job Seekers/Laid-Off Workers

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