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WHAS Radio, Do you really need a college degree to be successful?

An audio clip of the discussion between Doc Washburn and KentuckianaWorks Executive Director Michael Gritton

Date Published: 8/15/2013

Talk show host Doc Washburn talks with KentuckianaWorks ExecutiveDirector Michael Gritton about the recently released "KentuckianaWorks Human Capital Scorecard," that shows Great Louisville's gains in educationalattainment.

Washburn had posed the question, "Do you really need a college degree to be successful?" Gritton explains why education attainment is important and talks about the Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center, which just opened to provide manufacturing skills training to people who want to work in Louisville's growing manufacturing industry.

Click here to listen to the discussion: WHAS Radio, Do you really need a college degree to be successful?

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