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KentuckianaWorks, 7th Annual KentuckianaWorks Human Capital Scorecard Released

Date Published: 1/18/2011

The recent economic situation may be causing more adults in Jefferson County and the Louisville metro area to take a serious look at education as the gateway to stable, higher-paying jobs. According to the recently released seventh annual KentuckianaWorks Human Capital Scorecard, Louisville is the only one of 16 peer metro areas that moved up since 2000 in the degrees awarded per capita rankings in every category of award – from postsecondary certificates to graduate and first professional programs.

For the second straight year, there was a 9 percent increase in associate’s degrees awarded in the Louisville metro area, from 2,736 in 2008 to 2,982 in 2009. The number of bachelor’s degrees awarded jumped 8 percent. Louisville’s trend for bachelor’s degrees on a per capita basis is positive, having moved from 15th to 12th between 2004 and 2009, according to the Scorecard.

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