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KentuckianaWorks, First Quarter 2015 Labor Market Data Show Job Growth in Greater Louisville Region

10,700 job openings in the first quarter of this year

Date Published: 5/11/2015

The job market in the the Greater Louisville region continues to be better than it has been in ten years. Between January 1, 2015, and March 31, 2015, employers posted more than 10,700 job openings in Louisville’s five target industry clusters and in Information Technology, according to The State of the Louisville Regional Labor Market report, released today by KentuckianaWorks.
“Our job-creation strategies are working to bring more high-demand, high-wage jobs to the region,” Mayor Greg Fischer said. “We need to keep up the momentum and find more ways to connect more people to those jobs through training, internships and postsecondary education.”

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